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Never give up

It’s been a long journey to where I am now . So grateful for all of the obstacles that have been overcome. Thankful for the hot tea my husband prepared at 4 and 4 am when I couldn’t, wouldn’t finish a project, or ad a label, or create a product. Thankful for the opportunity to be apart of this amazing platform. No matter how hard it has been, or how many sales I make. I am doing my best. And to blessed to be stressed. Never give up

By Hair Everywhere Salon

originally from fort Worth Texas in United States expirated to Casablanca Morocco in Africa to search for all natural ingredients from the environment locally and the Black Sea.

Providing quality products for all ages and skin types from mosquito repellent to exfoliating body sugars, Luxury Body Butter Sticks,  to pamper addition to traditional Moroccan oil, attire and pottery Enjoy my products they are made just for you. 

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