Introducing the “Bring the Party” Tostitos commercial – a captivating fusion of flavor, rhythm, and excitement. Watch as our charismatic black male rapper, exuding energy and style, takes us on a musical journey through a lively backyard party.

As the beat kicks in, our rapper arrives with a bag of Tostitos chips, igniting the atmosphere. The party becomes a symphony of taste and enjoyment as he indulges in the chips, drawing everyone in. Through dynamic scenes reminiscent of a music video, he appears to float through the party, seamlessly transitioning between reality and a dreamlike state.

When the Tostitos bag briefly disappears, he revives the party’s spirit, leading a vibrant dance sequence. The bag’s return marks a triumphant moment, symbolizing the heart of the celebration.

The commercial reaches its crescendo with a unified circle of guests raising their Tostitos bags, encapsulating the essence of the party. The Tostitos logo and tagline “Tostitos: Bring the Party” appear, encouraging viewers to share their Tostitos moments and be part of the excitement.

“Bring the Party” Tostitos commercial: Unleash flavor, ignite fun, and join the celebration wherever you are!

Scene List

Scene 1: Arrival

  • The commercial opens with vibrant, energetic music playing in the background.’
  • Wide shot of a lively backyard party with colorful decorations, people mingling, and dancing.
  • A close-up shot of a table filled with various snacks, including a bowl of Tostitos chips with salsa and guacamole.
  • Quick cut to our main character, a charismatic black male rapper in his mid-30s with locs, stepping out of a stylish car.
  • He confidently walks towards the party, looking for a snack.
  • Voiceover: “You hear that crunch?”


Scene 2: Tostitos Unveiling

  • Our main character arrives at the snack table and sees someone eating tostitos.
  • The camera zooms in on the person eating Tostitos chips, capturing their golden and crisp texture.
  • This person should be an “Ice Spice” look alike
  • Voiceover: “What you eating on?”


Scene 3: Sensory Experience

  • Our rapper takes a chip, dips it into the salsa, and takes a bite.
  • Close-up shots of his face as he savors the crunch and flavor.
  • Quick cuts to partygoers also enjoying Tostitos chips, creating a shared moment of enjoyment.
  • Voiceover: “This that food for thought, you better turn your speakers on.”



Scene 4: The Heat is On

  • The music intensifies, and our rapper raises the energy level by starting to rap.
  • Shots of people grooving to the music, captivated by the rapper’s performance.
  • Our rapper’s expression becomes more animated and enthusiastic.
  • Voiceover: “Oh, you a munch? Well, the heat is on.”



Scene 5: The Tostitos Rush

  • The camera transitions into a dreamy, floating perspective from the rapper’s point of view.
  • Our rapper’s surroundings begin to shimmer with vibrant colors, symbolizing the Tostitos rush.
  • He starts to rap faster and more dynamically, and the camera gently glides through different party scenes.
  • Guests become part of the journey, dancing and having fun as the rapper “floats” through.
  • Voiceover: “I’m eating chips, you see my lips, it’s like a read-along.”



Scene 6: Tostitos Magic

  • The camera focuses on the Tostitos bag, which seems to glow with a magical aura.
  • Close-up shots of Tostitos chips being dipped into salsa and guacamole, highlighting their versatility.
  • The camera seamlessly moves between chip-dipping guests and our rapper’s point of view.
  • Voiceover: “Tostitos got the magic, them other chips average.”



Scene 7: The Purple Bag

  • Our rapper’s perspective shifts as he notices the Tostitos bag missing from the table.
  • The camera sways as he searches the party, capturing the urgency of the moment.
  • Quick cuts of disappointed partygoers also searching for the Tostitos.
  • A shot of our rapper’s determined expression.
  • Voiceover: “If I don’t see that purple bag poppin’, then it’s tragic.”


Scene 8: Party Revival

  • Our rapper takes a deep breath, and suddenly, the bag reappears in his hand.
  • The partygoers cheer, and the energy of the party is revitalized.
  • He leads everyone in a dynamic dance sequence, and the camera continues to float through the lively crowd.
  • Voiceover: “Baby, let’s GOooooooo, bring the party!”


Scene 9: Celebration

  • The camera captures various party scenes from our rapper’s dreamy perspective.
  • People are dancing, enjoying Tostitos, and celebrating together.
  • Our rapper “floats” through the crowd, interacting and sharing Tostitos chips with others.
  • Voiceover: “You looking slick, I’m looking crisp, let’s get it started!”


Scene 10: Tostitos Finale

  • Our rapper’s perspective shifts as he joins a circle of partygoers, all raising their Tostitos bags in the air.
  • The camera rotates around the circle, capturing the joy and excitement of the moment.
  • Voiceover: “BRING THE PARTY!”



  • Scene 11: Logo and Call to Action

    • The Tostitos logo and slogan appear on the screen: “Tostitos: Bring the Party!”
    • Text on the screen encourages viewers to join the party by sharing their Tostitos moments online.
    • Voiceover: “Tostitos – BRING THE PARTY!”

Scene 12: Fade Out

  • The commercial concludes with a shot of the partygoers and our rapper laughing and enjoying the festivities.
  • The music fades out as the screen fades to black.



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